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Is a physical server more secure than a virtualized one?

The answer to that question should be obvious, but it became a headline earlier today when word got out about a big hack affecting 100.000 sites. All data for these sites was removed when servers at were brought down by a zero-day exploit in LXLabs’ HyperVM software.

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Astalavista “hacker community” hacked.

Earlier this week, the self-proclaimed “hacker community” Astalavista (not to be confused with the other Astalavista) has been targeted by hackers itself. While this site isn’t as popular as it was years ago, I’d consider this a rather high-profile target; in this case, the so-called “anti-sec group” thought so as well. They posted this message […]

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Another example of why you shouldn’t use the same password for every website

Most of us are aware that it’s not a very good idea to use the same password on multiple websites; there was a very good example of why this is such a bad practice. Users registered at the website of popular CMS Typo3 might have had their accounts compromised: As far as we could find […]

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White House hacked on a regular basis?

The Financial Times has been told by a “senior US official” that the White House computer network has been penetrated by hackers on multiple occasions. The article itself provides some basic information, but you’ll have to read between the lines to get the most interesting stuff: Chinese hackers have penetrated the White House computer network […]

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