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Is mobile advertising working for Google?

A little over a year ago, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said that the mobile Internet was “the next major growth wave for Google”. His prediction at the time was that mobile advertising revenue would surpass the revenue seen from “traditional” ads. Several months after Schmidt made these predictions, I first installed the incredible WPtouch theme […]

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XSS against Google services: scary, but fixed fast

Let’s start with the bad news: a researcher known only by his nickname “Inferno” just announced he has found a cross-site scripting vulnerability on many Google services. While XSS attacks are, unfortunately, a common thing this one is far scarier than most. Since almost all Google services use a single cookie on the domain […]

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Paid content coming to YouTube?

During a conference call with investors about Google’s Q1 earnings, CEO Eric Schmidt made some interesting comments about YouTube. To give you some background about this: last week, David Silversmith published estimates about how much Google is losing on YouTube, which came down to over a million dollars a day:

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Google adds Apps Status Dashboard

Following the large Gmail outage earlier this week, Google has launched a status page for their most important hosted services called Google Apps Status Dashboard.

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What’s up with FeedBurner?

I’ve been using FeedBurner for a while now, and apart from some strange numbers every now and then I’ve never had a problem with it. That all changed when I logged in last week and was asked to move my feeds to Google; since then, I’ve noticed some strange things; one of them being that […]

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Google admits the internet is a dangerous place

A small human error caused Google to mark every site in its search results as “dangerous” earlier today. Even worse, according to some reports users were unable to bypass the warning and continue to the website. 

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Why did Google enter the mobile phone business again?

Here’s why. Google is now offering their Adsense clients advertising on the iPhone and G1 phones. Here’s the short version of what happened in the last two years: Google noticed a trend: more people were starting to access the internet from their mobile phones But there were no mobile phones that could display their ads […]

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Google Navy training fighter pilots?

As reported at the Register, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page now own a 1982 Dornier Alpha Jet. While it certainly looks impressive, it’s nowhere near as exciting as it sounds: the Register calls it a “fighter jet”, but as you can see in this picture it’s a relatively small aircraft.     The primary use of […]

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Google notifying webmasters of security vulnerabilities

I somehow missed this news last week: Google is starting to actively alert people using the Webmaster Tools when one of their sites is running outdated software that might have know vulnerabilities. Right now the checks are limited to WordPress 2.1.1, which has some serious security issues, but if this is a success the service […]

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Google desperately defending the Yahoo deal

Google just launched a new webpage that provides more details about their deal with Yahoo, “why it is good for consumers, advertisers and publishers”. Is everything as good as they say it is?

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