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MS09-08: When is a patch not a patch?

… when it doesn’t patch! That was an easy question, but Microsoft has a different opinion on this. In this blog post at 360 Security, Tyler Reguly explains why he thinks MS09-08 is not really a patch; it doesn’t actually fix the vulnerability that it is supposed to fix.

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Security issue in djbdns confirmed

Last week, Matthew Dempsky posted an attack against Dan Bernstein’s djbdns software. Djbdns is one of several alternatives for the popular BIND nameserver, and is backed by a unique security guarantee that offers $1000 to the first person to publicly report a verifiable security hole in djbdns. The problem found by Dempsky allows an attacker […]

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ORSN Alternative DNS root servers shutting down

The operators of the Open Root Server Network (ORSN) announced last week that they will be shutting down their project. The ORSN was started by a number of mainly european operators to reduce the amount of control that the U.S.A. has over the internet: The network coordinated by the ICANN, consisting of 13 Root-servers distributed among almost the […]

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Sophos DNS mystery

According to several reports, Sophos users have had trouble receiving their anti-virus updates. Not because of malicious activity such as a DDOS attack against their servers or DNS cache poisoning, but as the result of a simple human error:   We are aware that since yesterday a minority of our customers have been experiencing intermittent […]

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What happens after your DNS cache is poisoned?

With all the news about DNS cache poisoning, I bet a lot of you are left wondering what an attacker would have to gain by doing this. Some people at Microsoft have analyzed an attack; it’s a bit technical but interesting to read.  In short, once a poisoning attack is succesfull, any requests for which […]

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Kaminsky DNS vulnerability: attack probability and other updates

Although this has already been all over the net, there are still some interesting updates worth mentioning. The first one is, besides the excellent DJBDNS server, PowerDNS is also not vulnerable. Which just goes to show that a little diversity is good for your (network) security! What’s more interesting is an article about the actual […]

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Tool for finding poisoned DNS caches

ONZRA released a tool to check your DNS server for poisoned records. I haven’t had the time to test is, but the whitepaper they published alongside it looks interesting. Definately worth checking out!

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About this DNS bug thing

  So, like me, you’ve probably been wondering about this DNS bug the whole world has been talking about. What is it? How does it affect the average internet user? And how do you protect yourself from this? First: a quick DNS introduction   To understand this issue, you need to know a little bit […]

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New DNS exploit in active use

I’ve been meaning to write a short summary about the DNS vulnerability that’s been hot news for the past few weeks. While preparing that I stumbled upon this report about a new attack that is being used. It appears that this is subtly different than the attack that was released earlier: Moore said he and others […]

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