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New Chrome builds available now

For those that are interested: Google has released a new beta for their Chrome browser. Here are the hoops you have to jump through to get it: First, go to their developer site and run the channel chooser. This will allow you to choose between “regular” and “development” channels; choose the latter if you want […]

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Gears available for Safari (on MacOS)

As expected, Google Gears is now available for Safari users. You can read the full announcement here, but the gist of it is that you can now use all those cool offline web apps (the WordPress editor, Google Docs, et cetera) on Safari as well as Firefox. This was probably easy to implement since Google’s […]

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Looking for a faster browser on your Mac? Try Webkit!

With all the attention Chrome is getting, you might forget that other alternative browsers are also available. Judging from the interest that my post on running Chrome on an Apple’s MacOS X has generated, there are a lot of people looking for a faster browser on a Mac.  There is of cource Opera, which is […]

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Windows Mobile to get IE6-based browser

Microsoft feels the battle for the web heating up: with the success of Apple’s iPhone largely attributed to the mobile Safari browser that can render “normal” webpages, and the mobile version of Firefox nearing completion, they are desparate to keep up with the competition.  In several interviews, Microsoft is telling reporters that a new browser […]

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Firefox to get private mode sooner?

According to various reports, the “private mode” feature that was first introduced in Safari is now going to get implemented in Firefox as well. It was originally planned for version 3.0, but was delayed to a later release; now that all major competitors such as Chrome and IE 8 are going to get this, it’s […]

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Google Chrome, the first bugs (and impressions)

My first impressions of Google Chrome: this looks like a welcome addition to the browser landscape, and I expect it to steal a lot of market share from Firefox in particular. The interface is a lot cleaner than Firefox 3, you don’t have to jump through hoops to go to a site with an invalid […]

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Browser wars 2.0: does the world need Chrome?

OK, seriously, how many times in the past year did you tell yourself “if only I had another web browser to choose from”? Yet for some reason, Google has decided to drop another one on us. I already have Opera, Firefox, Safari and IE to choose from; and that’s not counting specialized versions of these […]

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