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Black Hat Europe update: Trust issues?

The “Kaminsky 2.0” at Black Hat today turned out to be ┬áthe talk from Daniel Mende and Enno Rey, dealing with vulnerabilities in the BGP and MPLS protocols. From what I can tell, there was no real news; most of the information they presented has been available for a while. The fact that BGP has […]

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“Kaminsky 2.0” at Black Hat Europe tomorrow?

I’ve heard several reports, including one from a large Dutch news site, mention that a new security issue will be revealed at Black Hat Europe tomorrow. It is said to have the same impact as the DNS bug found by Dan Kaminsky last year. No further details have been provided, but since the full speaker […]

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Exploiting Debian SSL-bug

While checking the results of this year’s pwnie awards, I saw that the bug in Debian’s OpenSSL random number generator had won the “most epic failure” category (and the deserved to! This has caused us a LOT of work…). While reading more about this I noticed this incredibly cool Wireshark-patch. With this patch, any SSL-encrypted […]

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Pulled Apple talk never submitted, or was it?

The talk about filevault encryption that was supposedly withdrawn from the Black Hat conference was rumored not to have been submitted in the first place. Charles Edge now responds to I submitted the talk, and later sent a second submission using the same system to then ask to be removed from consideration. As an […]

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Apple absent at Blackhat

Computerworld reports that the presentation from Apple’s security team at the Black Hat conference has been cancelled: “Marketing got wind of it, and nobody at Apple is ever allowed to speak publicly about anything without marketing approval,” he said. Which is too bad; the marketing team should take every opportunity they can to improve the […]

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