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XSS against Google services: scary, but fixed fast

Let’s start with the bad news: a researcher known only by his nickname “Inferno” just announced he has found a cross-site scripting vulnerability on many Google services. While XSS attacks are, unfortunately, a common thing this one is far scarier than most. Since almost all Google services use a single cookie on the domain […]

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Gmail also hit by incorrect malware list

After receiving some reports of mail incorrectly flagged as spam or phishing attempts, Google has confirmed that the problem with their malware list also caused mail to Gmail accounts to be marked as spam:

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Microsoft gets 5th place in Spamhaus worst networks list

Microsoft has risen to the top 5 of Spamhaus’s worst networks list; even though Microsoft has been notified of some issues months ago, several spam gangs are still using Microsoft’s servers to host spamvertised websites and to redirect unsuspecting users to malicious URL’s.  Richard Cox, CIO of Spamhaus, explains the listing: We have been notifying […]

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Why post this comment?

I try to go through my spam queue at least once a week to check whether Akismet has incorrectly flagged any comments. This week, I noticed some strange messages (click for larger version): At first, this looks like a legitimate pingback; at least, if this blog was about travel or cars. Out of curiosity I […]

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McColo briefly returned, botnet still offline

McColo was back online for about 12 hours last weekend following their disconnection a week earlier. The spam-sending botnet that was controlled from servers located at McColo was sent new instructions, and it is reported that a large amount of data was transferred to servers in Russia.  This appears to have been a backup plan […]

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Major spam source shut down

As reported in several different places, SecurityFix has worked hard to get a major source of spam shut down: A U.S. based Web hosting firm that security experts say was responsible for facilitating more than 75 percent of the junk e-mail blasted out each day globally has been knocked offline following reports from Security Fix on evidence […]

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Google stops 419’ers

According to Sophos, Google has finally found a way to stop all those Nigerian 419-scammers. This has been frustrating users for months, and I totally agree with SavioL: Kudos to Google for contributing in the fight against fraud spams. Hopefully, this reduction will last, and other free webmail providers will follow suit and prevent scammers […]

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Slowing economy bad for spammers

Amongst the news about the slowing economy, I noticed this bit of good news: you might be seeing less spam! Apparently, the crew behind the popular Neosploit toolkit are throwing the towel because their hacking tool doesn’t produce enough revenue.  This might be the beginning of a very good development; as people are struggling to […]

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