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Was 4chan’s creation of Twitter accounts stopped, or did they lose interest?

With the race to reach 1 million followers between Ashton Kutcher and CNN over, let’s look back at the runner-up that was on track to beat both to the finish line: @basementdad.

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Paid content coming to YouTube?

During a conference call with investors about Google’s Q1 earnings, CEO Eric Schmidt made some interesting comments about YouTube. To give you some background about this: last week, David Silversmith published estimates about how much Google is losing on YouTube, which came down to over a million dollars a day:

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Passwords and the iPhone

Ever since I started using an iPhone, entering passwords has been a major annoyance. Since the built-in browser has no option for remembering passwords, I have to re-enter every single password for every website I use way too often.

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Can Twitter provide added value for Google?

There have been a number of rumors lately that suggest Google might be interested in buying Twitter. While these were downplayed by both Twitter and sources at Google, there is obviously some truth to this. Twitter is becoming so popular that all major players in the industry are following them closely; they would be stupid […]

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Google adds Apps Status Dashboard

Following the large Gmail outage earlier this week, Google has launched a status page for their most important hosted services called Google Apps Status Dashboard.

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Simple Wikipedia

Today marks the first time somebody sent me a link to a “simple” Wikipedia article. Up until now this was completely unknown territory for me, so I couldn’t resist the urge to browse through it. It’s currently quite small compared to the normal English version of Wikipedia; there are 55000 articles and 129000 “pages”.

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Attacks against SSL show interesting possibilities

The new attack against websites using SSL encryption presented at Black Hat this week shows some interesting possibilities. To recap, this is the most important part of what SSLstrip does:   SSLstrip manages to fool the user into believing he has an encrypted connection with the intended website through several clever slights on hand. First, […]

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What’s up with FeedBurner?

I’ve been using FeedBurner for a while now, and apart from some strange numbers every now and then I’ve never had a problem with it. That all changed when I logged in last week and was asked to move my feeds to Google; since then, I’ve noticed some strange things; one of them being that […]

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Is this a new virus, or are virus scanners just slow to catch it?

After two different people sent me suspicious links via MSN, I decided to fire up a virtual machine and visit one of them. The link led to a file, which I uploaded to The results? Only 11 of the 39 virus scanners tested recognized the file!

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Planning for failure

Andrew Storms at nCircle has a very special offer for you: the 5 steps to accepting a data breach. It includes important steps such as preparing your press statements: Step 4. Develop a security failure crisis communications strategy now. Those silly IT incident plans include pages of technical jargon, why not have the PR team […]

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