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New Chrome Mac build

Since the previous one proved to be pretty popular, I figured I’d create an updated build of Chrome (or more precisely: a build of the Chromium TestShell) for MacOS X. This is based on revision 5273 of the code. Download Chromium Testshell build_5273 Update: Chrome builds can now be found on a separate page. As you […]

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Chrome TestShell build for MacOS X

I received some private messages as a response to this post about a CrossOver version of Chrome; apparently I’m not the only one interested in seeing Chrome run on the Mac. So I took the time to build the Chromium TestShell for MacOS X; it’s not a full-fledged browser yet, but it’s built from the […]

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Silverlight on the iPhone: not as unlikely as you might think

Infoworld has some rumors about Microsoft being interested in porting Silverlight to the iPhone. They suggest that it will be hard for them to achieve this: Microsoft is reportedly very interested in pushing Silverlight on Apple’s devices. But it’s well known that Apple ultimately controls what software runs on the iPhone — so good luck, Microsoft. […]

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Gears available for Safari (on MacOS)

As expected, Google Gears is now available for Safari users. You can read the full announcement here, but the gist of it is that you can now use all those cool offline web apps (the WordPress editor, Google Docs, et cetera) on Safari as well as Firefox. This was probably easy to implement since Google’s […]

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Chrome for Mac update: Crossover provides easy-to-install Mac port

Good news for Mac and Linux users. CodeWeavers has developed a port of Chromium that’s easy to install and use. I just tried the MacOS version, and while the first run takes some time it runs pretty fast after that. Contrary to the Wine method, this version does support https-enabled sites. Please keep in mind […]

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Looking for a faster browser on your Mac? Try Webkit!

With all the attention Chrome is getting, you might forget that other alternative browsers are also available. Judging from the interest that my post on running Chrome on an Apple’s MacOS X has generated, there are a lot of people looking for a faster browser on a Mac.  There is of cource Opera, which is […]

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Google Chrome on MacOS X? Not so fast…

When Google posted this note about the development work being done on the MacOS and Linux versions of Chrome (or Chromium?), lots of weblogs suggested that there might be a beta release later this year. I’d like to point out that this is not necessarily the case: if you look at the actual status on […]

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Apple non-event

Whew! That big media event from Apple turned out to be a complete non-event. What was announced?    A new iPod nano A new iPod touch $79 earphones  New iTunes with playlist suggestions and HD shows New iPhone firmware It sounds like a nice list, but if you look at the actual improvements it are […]

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A different way of backing up your image library

Ever since I started using Apples Aperture software, I’ve been looking for a good backup strategy that wouldn’t break the bank. Like most people I’ve lost some data in the past; since then, I’m pretty paranoid about keeping backups. The first strategy I ever used for backup up my images was old-fashioned, but worked well […]

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MacOS tip: using tab key in dialogs

I finally found the fix for a major annoyance I had when using my mac: that I had to use the mouse for every dialog box that popped up. A simple yes/no/cancel dialog from Firefox or Safari is impossible to navigate with the keyboard with Apple’s default settings! The solution turns out to be very […]

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