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Entries for August, 2009

Tele2 Netherlands giving the same password to all users

The Dutch branch of ISP Tele2, an European ISP that is active in 11 countries, has just admitted that they use the same password for all new subscribers. Their procedure goes like this:

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Palm defends tracking Pre user locations

Would you like it if you knew the manufacturer of your phone was tracking your location every day to give you a “great user experience”? I personally wouldn’t buy a phone that does this, but this is exactly what Palm’s Pre is designed to do. Faced with complaints about this feature, the best explanation Palm […]

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How not to respond to security issues

Wat is the worst response you can give when someone alerts you about a security issue in your software? I can almost hear you thinking: “waiting two years to fix it“, but there is an even worse response. Some companies just simple don’t respond at all. Simply amazing… After verifying the issue we contacted the […]

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Squirrelmail plugins altered by hackers

Last month, the webserver hosting the popular open source webmail suite SquirrelMail was compromised. At that time, the maintainers thought no source code had been altered: At approximately 1700 GMT, on June 16, it was discovered that the SquirrelMail webserver had been compromised. The project administrators took immediate action to mitigate any futher compromises, locking […]

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