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Entries for July, 2009

Dutch court rules that The Pirate Bay should be blocked

A Dutch court has just ruled that access to The Pirate Bay should be blocked for all visitors coming from the Netherlands. The block should be in place within 10 days.

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iPhone 3GS encryption “useless”?

Wired has a report about the iPhone 3GS encryption feature. Jonathan Zdziarski is quoted as saying the encryption is basically worthless; while that quote alone wouldn’t normally attract my attention, the article has a lot of details that should make a lot of businesses think twice about relying on the “wipe my phone” feature.

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92% of Flash users affected by 0-day hole?

Secunia released some interesting statistics last week; according to their numbers, at least 92% of the people using their PSI scanner that have Flase Player installed are running a version that is affected by the zero-day attack that was recently discovered. The real number might be even higher; they didn’t release combined numbers for users […]

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IPv6: downsides of a larger address space

With the increasing uptake of the new IPv6 internet protocol, people are starting to notice some of the downsides of the larger amount of IP addresses that will become available. An excellent example are the MTU issues Geoff Huston wrote about earlier this year, and as IPv6 adoption increases more problems are likely to appear. […]

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