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Entries for June, 2009

Astalavista “hacker community” hacked.

Earlier this week, the self-proclaimed “hacker community” Astalavista (not to be confused with the other Astalavista) has been targeted by hackers itself. While this site isn’t as popular as it was years ago, I’d consider this a rather high-profile target; in this case, the so-called “anti-sec group” thought so as well. They posted this message […]

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Flaws in ATM machines – or in malware analysis?

According to a report by TrustWave, new malware has been spotted that specifically attacks ATM machines. The malware can be used to perform various functions including copying magnetic cards and PIN numbers. Trustwave calls upon banks to inspect their ATM machines for malicious software: Given the impact this malware can have on an infected ATM […]

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