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Entries for April, 2009

Fiber cuts: does physical security matter?

Although fiber cuts happen daily all over the world, last weeks cuts in the Bay Area suddenly became interesting news. Why? Not because of the massive outages (seriously, there have been incidents with underseas cables that have left entire countries offline for days or weeks. The reason this became newsworthy was the fact that these […]

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Passwords and the iPhone

Ever since I started using an iPhone, entering passwords has been a major annoyance. Since the built-in browser has no option for remembering passwords, I have to re-enter every single password for every website I use way too often.

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Can Twitter provide added value for Google?

There have been a number of rumors lately that suggest Google might be interested in buying Twitter. While these were downplayed by both Twitter and sources at Google, there is obviously some truth to this. Twitter is becoming so popular that all major players in the industry are following them closely; they would be stupid […]

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Dutch Electronic Patient Records delayed over privacy, hacking fears

The Dutch Ministry of Health announced yesterday that the rollout of the national Electronic Healt Records system EPD has been delayed until later this year. One of the reasons is that experts found a vulnerability in the chipcard used to access patient records. The implementation of the encryption algorithm on the cards enabled an attacker […]

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