With the race to reach 1 million followers between Ashton Kutcher and CNN over, let’s look back at the runner-up that was on track to beat both to the finish line: @basementdad.


Last week, some people on the 4chan site decided they wanted to join the race. And for a day or so, they were right on track, reaching over 200.000 followers. The trick? Some members have created a script that automatically creates new accounts following @basementdad. The only task the user running the script had was entering the captcha’s needed to create the accounts.

After readwriteweb and other sites started to report on this, the follower count stopped climbing around 300.000 accounts. Biz Stone commented to RWW that they were “aware of this situation and [twitter] will react accordingly”, but no additional information had become available since then.


I find this very interesting; worms, hackers and other malicious activities are “normal” for Twitter, and usually these get mentioned on their blog when a problem has been fixed. This suggests the 4chan members got tired of this, and simply gave up. On the other hand, they have shown great persistence in some other actions, such as getting moot on the Time 100 list.

So, if anyone has more information, feel free to drop me a line. If I get any interesting info I’ll update this post with more details!