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Entries for February, 2009

What’s up with FeedBurner?

I’ve been using FeedBurner for a while now, and apart from some strange numbers every now and then I’ve never had a problem with it. That all changed when I logged in last week and was asked to move my feeds to Google; since then, I’ve noticed some strange things; one of them being that […]

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Kaspersky database exposed

An unidentified hacker announced yesterday that he has managed to gain access to databases used by the website, allowing him to gain access to users accounts, activation codes and possibly personal data about Kaspersky customers.

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Is this a new virus, or are virus scanners just slow to catch it?

After two different people sent me suspicious links via MSN, I decided to fire up a virtual machine and visit one of them. The link led to a file, which I uploaded to The results? Only 11 of the 39 virus scanners tested recognized the file!

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Patch Tuesday: does Microsoft need a new severity rating?

I’ve never quite liked Microsoft’s severity rating system for security vulnerabilities; todays pre-announcement for this months patch tuesday provides a very good example of the problem I have with it. Microsoft provides four severity levels for security issues, and the different ratings appear to make sense at first sight:

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Microsoft will fix Windows 7 UAC loophole after all

Last week, Long Zheng posted details about a security issue in Windows 7’s implementation of User Account Control. The UAC feature in Vista received so much criticism that Microsoft decided to add different security levels in Windows 7; the default setting now only warns you when a program tries to change Windows settings.

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Gmail also hit by incorrect malware list

After receiving some reports of mail incorrectly flagged as spam or phishing attempts, Google has confirmed that the problem with their malware list also caused mail to Gmail accounts to be marked as spam:

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About IE8’s clickjacking protection

When the first release candidate for Internet Explorer 8 was released, the accompanying press release mentioned it had the ability to protect users from clickjacking attacks “out of the box”. and that this was possible “without impacting compatibility”. Microsoft has just provided some additional details that show how this protection works; for now, it looks […]

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