TechCrunch just noticed that YouTube has already turned on the new HD resolution discussed earlier. Videos that were uploaded in 720p or higher resolution how offer a “watch in HD” option that provides far better resolution than the “high quality” option that preceded it. If you want to see the difference, have a look at this Where’s Matt episode. Which makes me wonder, is the timing of these new policies a coincidence, or are they working very hard to make sure you don’t see any sexually explicit content in HD detail?

In other news, Google is already reported to consume 16% of the consumer internet bandwidth:

The study estimated Google used 16.5% of all U.S. consumer Internet traffic in 2008, and that share is estimated to grow to 25% in 2009 and 37% in 2010. What drives this conspicuous bandwidth consumption is Google’s search bots regularly copy every page on the Internet, some as frequently as every few seconds, and Google’s YouTube streams almost half of all video streamed on the Internet.

If everyone uses the new HD option bandwidth for YouTube will more than quadruple; I wonder what these traffic numbers will look like next year. This also shows that although Google is reportedly cutting back on spending, important things like better video quality, changing round to square and printing Gmail stickers are still getting the necessary attention in Mountain View 😉