There was a lot of talk today about Chrome’s market share. It started with a curious editor at Cnet:


So I persuaded CNET’s tech guys to give a window on what’s going on here at CNET News. The result surprised me: 3.6 percent of those visiting the site in October used Chrome, up from 1 percent in September, when Google launched Chrome.

That’s higher than I expected. It lagged Microsoft Internet Explorer, with 40.7 percent, Firefox with 37.4 percent, and Safari with 18.2 percent, but beat out Opera, with 1.2 percent in October. (Other browsers bring the total to 100 percent.)

Net Applications has Chrome at only 0.74 percent market share for October. The conclusion is simple: early adopters like the browser. Cnet’s sites are visited by people that are far more likely to be using bleeding-edge versions of software, and since Chrome is picking up speed among these users, I expect the market share reported by Net Applications to start rising next year as the enthusiasm is spread to more mainstream users. 

Matt Cutts just posted his stats, which also show Chrome at slightly above 5%. Clicky has a nice graph of how the different browsers are doing here, and shows Chrome at 1.6% and rising slowly. Here are my own numbers for the last 30 days: