Whew! That big media event from Apple turned out to be a complete non-event. What was announced? 


  • A new iPod nano
  • A new iPod touch
  • $79 earphones 
  • New iTunes with playlist suggestions and HD shows
  • New iPhone firmware

It sounds like a nice list, but if you look at the actual improvements it are all relatively small updates. The Touch gets a speaker; the first hands-on reports say it’s not as good as the iPhones though. The other improvements are Nike+ support and a feature that suggests playlists based on your music preferences. Oh, and the 160 GB iPod Classic has been discontinued… 

So what was not announced?

  • New Macbooks
  • iTunes subscriptions
  • iPhone nano

All in all, we’re missing the big “one more thing”, which leaves us waiting for more details. Especially about the iPhone 2.1 firmware: will there be Nike+iPod support? Turn-by-turn navigation? Push notifications? Let’s hope Apple can give us some more details before friday!

If you want a complete overview of all announcements, iLounge provides a nice overview.