… won’t work. 

There were lots of reports today about internet censorship for foreign media during this years Olypmic by reporters that were already annoyed because of the high costs for their filtered connection. Apparently this is only becoming an issue now that reporters are having problems accessing their news sources sources of background information. According to several officials, China’s intent to censor access to the net has been revealed to the IOC long ago. 

The real news is that this has been going on for years; the BBC website had a nice writeup a couple of years ago, and Amnesty International and other organisations have been reporting about this for even longer. Even worse, several US companies are rumored to profit from the “great firewall of China”. 

Fortunately, there are several ways around this. A VPN connection to a central office outside the firewall is allowed, because blocking this would be bad for business. And if that is not an option, there is always tor.