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Updates about Kaspersky SQL injection

Following the story about the SQL injection vulnerability on Kaspersky’s website, they have provided a rather detailed account of what happened on their blog. In it, they confirm that there was an issue, and that they don’t think any data was actually exposed using the vulnerability:

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Kaspersky database exposed

An unidentified hacker announced yesterday that he has managed to gain access to databases used by the website, allowing him to gain access to users accounts, activation codes and possibly personal data about Kaspersky customers.

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Is this a new virus, or are virus scanners just slow to catch it?

After two different people sent me suspicious links via MSN, I decided to fire up a virtual machine and visit one of them. The link led to a file, which I uploaded to The results? Only 11 of the 39 virus scanners tested recognized the file!

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Law enforcement versus antivirus vendors

Both the Independent and the Times Online reported yesterday that the UK police wants to be able to search computers remotely, without the need for a search warrant. Some of the methods that might be used include installing keyloggers, hacking wireless networks and installing backdoors on the suspect’s PC: Police might also send an e-mail […]

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Viruses? On a Mac? Did Apple really write about that?

Apple has just removed the article recommending the use of anti-virus software from their homepage. Does that mean you don’t have to worry about viruses infecting your Mac?

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Apple encouraging users to use anti-virus software

Heise notes that Apple is now officially recommending the use of anti-virus software on MacOS X. In Apple’s their own words: Apple encourages the widespread use of multiple antivirus utilities so that virus programmers have more than one application to circumvent, thus making the whole virus writing process more difficult.  It’s pretty tempting, but I’ll […]

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AVG offers free license and another false positive

Just as I was writing this post with positive news for AVG users, I was notified about this article at the Register that mentions that AVG is now also detecting non-existing viruses in Adobe Flash:  AVG, the popular anti-virus package, has falsely identified Adobe Flash as potentially malicious. The snafu comes just days after AVG […]

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AVG virus scanner removes critical Windows file

Important note: be sure to read all the way down to the end of the article for the latest updates. Since publishing this article, AVG has offered a free license to all affected users; more about that here.  An update for the AVG virus scanner released yesterday contained an incorrect virus signature, which led it […]

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