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Another example of why you shouldn’t use the same password for every website

Most of us are aware that it’s not a very good idea to use the same password on multiple websites; there was a very good example of why this is such a bad practice. Users registered at the website of popular CMS Typo3 might have had their accounts compromised: As far as we could find […]

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In the UK, forgetting your encryption key might lead to jailtime

A ruling in the UK means that UK citizens can be forced to hand over their encryption keys to the police. But what happens if you can’t remember the correct key?

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Rumor confirmed: both Fedora and Redhat servers hacked

Recent rumors were confirmed today by a post to the Fedora Infrastructure mailinglist: some of Fedora’s core servers were hacked.  One of the compromised Fedora servers was a system used for signing Fedora packages. However, based on our efforts, we have high confidence that the intruder was not able to capture the passphrase used to […]

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Core Fedora servers hacked?

According to a mailing list post on the 14th, there are infrastructure problems with the Fedora network, and users are advised not to download and/or install updates. ZDNet’s Zero Day blog suggests this might be security-related.  While I’d normally think this is just a rumor and leave it at that until more information is available, […]

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Free Nessus alternative

Ever since the source code for Nessus was pulled from the net, I’ve been looking for a good alternative, I believe I’ve finally stumbled upon a good successor: OpenVAS.  OpenVAS consists of three parts:   A server that holds a database of tests and performs these on command A client that requests scans and runs […]

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Dutch hacker arrested, botnet prices plummetting

A Dutch hacker was arrested today when he was trying to sell a botnet of about 100.000 PC’s. The real shocker? The real shock to me came from the price: according to the DA (translation), the botnet was to be sold for only 25.000 euro’s. That means the price of a rooted PC has fallen from […]

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New DNS exploit in active use

I’ve been meaning to write a short summary about the DNS vulnerability that’s been hot news for the past few weeks. While preparing that I stumbled upon this report about a new attack that is being used. It appears that this is subtly different than the attack that was released earlier: Moore said he and others […]

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