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iPhone 3GS encryption “useless”?

Wired has a report about the iPhone 3GS encryption feature. Jonathan Zdziarski is quoted as saying the encryption is basically worthless; while that quote alone wouldn’t normally attract my attention, the article has a lot of details that should make a lot of businesses think twice about relying on the “wipe my phone” feature.

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iPhone 3GS security improvements

One of the announcements Apple made during this week’s WWDC conference was that the iPhone 3GS will include an extra security feature aimed mostly at enterprise deployments: “encryption” that will enable a remote wipe feature. The only thing missing are details about what will be encrypted; this text is the only information I’ve managed to […]

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iPhone 3.0 finally adds iCalendar subscriptions

As announced last month at the preview event, Apple has finally added support for subscribing to iCal (.ics) calendars to the iPhone OS. This is a feature I’ve been missing from the first day I started using the iPhone: up until now the only way to synchronize a calendar was using a desktop app and […]

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Passwords and the iPhone

Ever since I started using an iPhone, entering passwords has been a major annoyance. Since the built-in browser has no option for remembering passwords, I have to re-enter every single password for every website I use way too often.

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Silverlight on the iPhone: not as unlikely as you might think

Infoworld has some rumors about Microsoft being interested in porting Silverlight to the iPhone. They suggest that it will be hard for them to achieve this: Microsoft is reportedly very interested in pushing Silverlight on Apple’s devices. But it’s well known that Apple ultimately controls what software runs on the iPhone — so good luck, Microsoft. […]

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Flash finally coming to the iPhone

After more than a year of waiting, there is some good news for iPhone users: Adobe is working on a Flash version for Apple’s mobile phone. This comes directly from Paul Betlem, the senior director of development at Adobe. Now we only need a copy/paste function and Java support; if those are implemented as good […]

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Apple building too many iPhones?

The world’s most-talked-about mobile phone supplier, Apple, is said to produce 800.000 iPhones each week. According to TechCrunch “This is “above current full capacity” and there may be some concerns with quality control.” While I personally like the phone overall, there are just too many things missing (stereo bluetooth profiles, a decent bluetooth keyboard, wireless […]

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Must-have iPhone app: NetShare

If you happen to see it appear on the App Store, I’d highly recommend downloading this ASAP. NetShare from NullRiver Inc is a tool that will allow you to use the iPhone’s 3G connection on your laptop (aka a “tethering app”).  It’s been pulled from the app store twice in the last days, so apparently […]

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