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Shocking news: not all IP addresses are actually used

According to relatively new measurements a lot of the IPv4 addresses currently allocated are not actually in use.

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MessageLabs: taking spammers offline helps. For a day.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from MessageLabs’s september report: on the day that the alleged malware hoster Intercage was taken offline, there was a significant drop in malware activity:  The drop was very shortlived; this suggests that Intercage was primarily hosting C&C (command and control) servers that control the activity of the botnets used to send […]

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January 2, 2011: the day the internet is full

According to reports on /. and a Chinese publication, the IPv4 address space will be exhausted in 830 days. As you can see here, there are other calculations that show even more alarming numbers. A report that is updated daily can be found at; that shows November 2, 2011 as the day the last […]

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Intercage taken offline

Intercage (also know as Atrivo), the company that was alleged to be involved in several dubious activities, has been taken off the internet today when their last bandwidth provider, Pacific, took them offline. While there has been no actual proof that they were involved in illegal operations, I still think this is a good day […]

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America becoming irrelevant to the internet?

The NY Times reports that only about 25% of all internet traffic now passes through the United States; I had to laugh at this quote: Internet technologists say that the global data network that was once a competitive advantage for the United States is now increasingly outside the control of American companies. They decided not […]

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Shutting of “bad” parts of the internet: good or bad idea?

There has been a heated discussion about this Washington Post article on the nanog mailinglist about a fundamental issue that underpins the entire internet: the ability of every network on the internet to reach every other network. Or at least most of the time; read this excellent summary from Renesys for more on how the […]

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