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Flash ads responsible for overwriting clipboard

For those of you that are interested: that nasty bit of malware that kept copying a spam-url over the clipboard contents is contained within a malicious Flash ad, which appears on a number of major websites. Zero Day has the details, but the gist of it is that a banner is responsible for spamming your […]

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Even more GIFAR details

Nate McFeters provides even more details about the GIFAR attack that is to be presented at the Black Hat conference. He provides some more details about the implications; the most important one being that this will affect most, if not all, sites that allow user-uploaded content. Two other important points to note: This is NOT […]

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GIFAR updates

It appears that the GIFAR attack I mentioned yesterday is going to be this month’s DNS issue; it’s one of the most-active incoming queries for my blog today, and I didn’t even have any details about how the attack actually works. Today John Hesman provides some more details. He also notes that this is not […]

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New browser attack: GIFAR files

At the Blackhat conference, a new attack agains webbrowsers was detailed: GIFAR files. These are files that look like a GIF image to the webserver, but like a Java program to the webbrowser. So, you might ask, what is the danger of this? To quote infoworld: To the Web server, the file looks exactly like […]

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