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92% of Flash users affected by 0-day hole?

Secunia released some interesting statistics last week; according to their numbers, at least 92% of the people using their PSI scanner that have Flase Player installed are running a version that is affected by the zero-day attack that was recently discovered. The real number might be even higher; they didn’t release combined numbers for users […]

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Microsoft’s Silverlight used on YouTube

If the rumors about IBM buying Sun weren’t enough, this news should prove once and for we live in interesting times: Silverlight has made its way to YouTube. It’s used on the CBS March Madness channel, and the feeds themselves are not served by Google, but it is an interesting development nonetheless.

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Flash finally coming to the iPhone

After more than a year of waiting, there is some good news for iPhone users: Adobe is working on a Flash version for Apple’s mobile phone. This comes directly from Paul Betlem, the senior director of development at Adobe. Now we only need a copy/paste function and Java support; if those are implemented as good […]

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Adobe working on malicious flash banners

Good news for everyone that has been bitten by a flash-based ad that keeps overwriting your clipboard: Adobe has acknowledged this and is apparently investigating the issue. Meanwhile I’m still amazed that there is no news about the people responsible for this. The malicious code is delivered via ads on some of the major websites, […]

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