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Last security update for Firefox 2.0 to remove security feature

Computerworld reports that the final update for Firefox 2.0 will not only contain security fixes, but also remove an important safety feature: the safe browsing support that warns users when they attempt to access a potentially unsafe site: Google asked Mozilla to disable the feature in Firefox that warns users of sites suspected of […]

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Firefox 2 end of life: what about Windows 9x users?

With the end of support for Firefox 2.0 coming in about a month, some users will be left out in the cold; version 3.0 of the popular browser is only supported on the latest Windows platforms. Here is a short summary of the platforms that will no longer be supported: Windows 98 Windows 98 SE […]

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Bypassing HTTPS-warnings in Firefox

One of the most annoying “features” of Firefox 3.0 was the new “user-friendly” warning that shows up when you try to connect to a site using https, and it’s certificate is self-signed or has expired. In most cases, the warning can be safely ignored, but Firefox forces you to go through three extra mouseclicks to […]

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Firefox Mobile getting closer to release

As originally reported, the mobile version of Firefox (Fennec) is improving fast; the first builds for Windows Mobile are even able to complete a large part of the Acid3 test: This is a screenshot of Safari Mobile on the latest iPhone OS running the same test: The first “official” alpha release of Fennec will become […]

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Firefox Mobile getting serious

Well, at least the development team is getting serious. Slashdot links to an Australian news site that says it’s coming in 2010, but provides no links to any details and says itself that this is not a fixed timetable: Mozilla has already stated that it is working on a mobile version of Firefox, but has […]

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Firefox to get private mode sooner?

According to various reports, the “private mode” feature that was first introduced in Safari is now going to get implemented in Firefox as well. It was originally planned for version 3.0, but was delayed to a later release; now that all major competitors such as Chrome and IE 8 are going to get this, it’s […]

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Firefox giving more insight into threats, security

This has already been reported in several places today, but I felt like sharing this anyway since I feel most people don’t understand what a huge step this is. To sum it up: the Firefox developers are taking a huge step forward when it comes to openness about security. Here’s what is going to happen: […]

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