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iPhone 3GS encryption “useless”?

Wired has a report about the iPhone 3GS encryption feature. Jonathan Zdziarski is quoted as saying the encryption is basically worthless; while that quote alone wouldn’t normally attract my attention, the article has a lot of details that should make a lot of businesses think twice about relying on the “wipe my phone” feature.

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iPhone 3GS security improvements

One of the announcements Apple made during this week’s WWDC conference was that the iPhone 3GS will include an extra security feature aimed mostly at enterprise deployments: “encryption” that will enable a remote wipe feature. The only thing missing are details about what will be encrypted; this text is the only information I’ve managed to […]

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First conference in SHA-3 competition starts next week

Next week, the first real public review of the contenders for the SHA-3 algorithm will take place in Belgium at Leuven University. The competition is run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); the winner of the competition will likely become the default hash algorithm for US agencies by 2012, replacing the current […]

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In the UK, forgetting your encryption key might lead to jailtime

A ruling in the UK means that UK citizens can be forced to hand over their encryption keys to the police. But what happens if you can’t remember the correct key?

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