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Intel sees the future of datacenters, and it does not include airconditioning

As reported on Slashdot earlier today, Intel has experimented with a data center without any serious airconditioning. Apparently the results are pretty good; they were able to achieve major savings in power usage: By using air economizers 91 percent of the time (accounting for times when outside air might not be adequate), the company says […]

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Beautiful datacenter pictures by Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow has written an article¬†about “petascale datacenters” for Nature. The article itself is a good read; I especially liked the description of the Internet Archive’s storage boxes: Two racks, each the size of a modest refrigerator, each holding north of a petabyte’s worth of information. These are the PetaBoxes, the Internet Archive’s web-in-a-box systems. […]

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