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Nuclear-powered datacenters: coming soon?

I just read this article about small nuclear reactors on DailyTech: The¬†Hyperion Hydride Reactor is not much larger than a hot tub, is totally sealed and self-operating, has no moving parts and, beyond refueling, requires no maintenance¬†of any sort. The reactor will output 27MW, enough to power a community of 20,000 homes, says Hyperion Energy, […]

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Updates about data center value

Katie from Equinix’s marketing firm sent me an e-mail today correcting my earlier post about what data centers are worth. In that post, I used a value of 6.0 million square feet of data center space for Equinix; I found that value in one of their fact sheets. This was a growth projection that didn’t […]

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How much is a data center worth?

Update: This article was based on some incorrect values, please see this update for new calculations. Both Data Center Knowledge and Slashdot report that two data centers were an important part of the deal between the Lehman Brothers and Barclays. And this is apparently not the first time data centers are an important part of […]

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