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Adobe details planned changes to prevent clipboard hijacking

Ryan Naraine provides some details about the way Adobe plans to fix the clipboard hijacking that is plaguing many users; the example is still circulating weeks after it first appeard (for those of you that missed this: it keeps overwriting the contents of your clipboard with a link to The change boils down to this: In […]

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Adobe working on malicious flash banners

Good news for everyone that has been bitten by a flash-based ad that keeps overwriting your clipboard: Adobe has acknowledged this and is apparently investigating the issue. Meanwhile I’m still amazed that there is no news about the people responsible for this. The malicious code is delivered via ads on some of the major websites, […]

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Flash ads responsible for overwriting clipboard

For those of you that are interested: that nasty bit of malware that kept copying a spam-url over the clipboard contents is contained within a malicious Flash ad, which appears on a number of major websites. Zero Day has the details, but the gist of it is that a banner is responsible for spamming your […]

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Newest malware truly cross-platform

It seems that the Javascript-based malware that I mentioned last week has been spotted on Linux systems as well. Welcome to the future of cross-platform malware!  Around the time I posted the original update, there were some funny posts in the Ubuntu forums about this. Read them yourself or enjoy this snippet:  <question>: i can not […]

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Malware taking over your mac’s clipboard

Apparently, there is some new (well, new to the mac at least!) malware that takes over your clipboard. There appears to be javascript code on some popular sites that keeps overwriting the contents of the clipboard with a malicious URL. Reports of a solution vary between closing your webbrowser and completely rebooting your mac. A sugestion: REALLY […]

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