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Extensions coming to Chrome browser

Last week, the Chromium development team announced that the extension system has finally been released to the dev-channel. This is an important step, since it means users of the most bleeding edge version will now have the extensions system on by default, without requiring them to boot Chromium with the –enable-plugins flag.  

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What if every major browser had the same bug?

Any security professional will tell you that diversity is a good thing; if you use enough different products, it is highly unlikely that all of them will have the same security issue. While this is mostly correct, Amit Klein at Trusteer just released a report (PDF) about a privacy issue that affects all major browsers […]

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Chrome the only browser to survive Pwn2Own

Of the four browsers that were targeted in this year’s Pwn2Own contest at CanSecWest, only Google Chrome wasn’t successfully hacked despite the $5000 reward offered: The contest uncovered 4 new and unique critical vulnerabilities affecting the latest and greatest versions of IE, Safari and FireFox. The Chrome browser gets a small nod for being impacted by one […]

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Internet Explorer 8 released; is it really safer than other browsers?

Along with the release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, a report by research firm NSS was presented that shows the new version of Internet Explorer is better at protecting users from malware. The (Microsoft-sponsored) study looked at the blacklist features of all modern browsers, using real malware URL’s, over a period of several days. The […]

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About IE8’s clickjacking protection

When the first release candidate for Internet Explorer 8 was released, the accompanying press release mentioned it had the ability to protect users from clickjacking attacks “out of the box”. and that this was possible “without impacting compatibility”. Microsoft has just provided some additional details that show how this protection works; for now, it looks […]

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All major browsers fixing bugs this week

This is a bad week for browser security; not only is Microsoft rushing out an emergency patch tonight, other browser makers are releasing their own updates as well as people worldwide go online to do their Christmas shopping. Opera released version 9.63 of their browser yesterday, fixing several security issues. The most critical ones allow […]

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Chrome market share

There was a lot of talk today about Chrome’s market share. It started with a curious editor at Cnet:   So I persuaded CNET’s tech guys to give a window on what’s going on here at CNET News. The result surprised me: 3.6 percent of those visiting the site in October used Chrome, up from […]

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Firefox Mobile getting closer to release

As originally reported, the mobile version of Firefox (Fennec) is improving fast; the first builds for Windows Mobile are even able to complete a large part of the Acid3 test: This is a screenshot of Safari Mobile on the latest iPhone OS running the same test: The first “official” alpha release of Fennec will become […]

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Webkit engine the first to pass all ACID3 tests

Earlier this year both Opera and Webkit announced that they achieved a 100% score on the Acid3-test; a test designed to test standards compliance for webbrowsers. However, as you can see, just scoring 100% on the individual tests is not enough for a full pass; to completely pass on this test the animation has to […]

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Firefox Mobile getting serious

Well, at least the development team is getting serious. Slashdot links to an Australian news site that says it’s coming in 2010, but provides no links to any details and says itself that this is not a fixed timetable: Mozilla has already stated that it is working on a mobile version of Firefox, but has […]

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