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Is mobile advertising working for Google?

A little over a year ago, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said that the mobile Internet was “the next major growth wave for Google”. His prediction at the time was that mobile advertising revenue would surpass the revenue seen from “traditional” ads. Several months after Schmidt made these predictions, I first installed the incredible WPtouch theme […]

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Extensions coming to Chrome browser

Last week, the Chromium development team announced that the extension system has finally been released to the dev-channel. This is an important step, since it means users of the most bleeding edge version will now have the extensions system on by default, without requiring them to boot Chromium with the –enable-plugins flag. ¬†

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Dutch Ministry accidentally publishes credit card info

While the list of credit card numbers isn’t that large, this might just be one of the biggest blunders I’ve seen this month. The Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs managed to publish the credit card numbers and expiration dates for both the Minister of Health and the Minister of Justice.

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Tele2 Netherlands giving the same password to all users

The Dutch branch of ISP Tele2, an European ISP that is active in 11 countries, has just admitted that they use the same password for all new subscribers. Their procedure goes like this:

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Palm defends tracking Pre user locations

Would you like it if you knew the manufacturer of your phone was tracking your location every day to give you a “great user experience”? I personally wouldn’t buy a phone that does this, but this is exactly what Palm’s Pre is designed to do. Faced with complaints about this feature, the best explanation Palm […]

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Dutch court rules that The Pirate Bay should be blocked

A Dutch court has just ruled that access to The Pirate Bay should be blocked for all visitors coming from the Netherlands. The block should be in place within 10 days.

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New guess about YouTube losses

New research by analyst firm RampRate suggests that a previous report by Credit Suisse that claimed YouTube was losing over a million dollars a day was based on wrong assumptions. The number RampRate arrives at is way lower; they estimate a loss of $174.2 million a year.

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Apple admits Mac OS users can get viruses

It’s taken them several years to finally get to this point, but Apple has acknowledged that Mac users are not immune from viruses. During WWDC, their Mac OS security page was updated with the following text:

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What if every major browser had the same bug?

Any security professional will tell you that diversity is a good thing; if you use enough different products, it is highly unlikely that all of them will have the same security issue. While this is mostly correct, Amit Klein at Trusteer just released a report (PDF) about a privacy issue that affects all major browsers […]

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Can you use photos posted on Flickr in a news article?

Of course you can; a more important question would be whether or not it’s legal. This is a question that will be decided in Dutch courts soon; Adam Curry has filed a lawsuit against a tabloid that used a picture of him flying a small airplane while smoking what might be a joint. In the […]

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