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.SE domains offline

Due to a bug in new software, all .se domain names have been unreachable last last night, and can in some cases continue to be unreachable. The problem started when the .SE registry published an updated list of nameservers. It’s an error DNS administrators around the world make on a daily basis, but it’s been […]

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Is mobile advertising working for Google?

A little over a year ago, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said that the mobile Internet was “the next major growth wave for Google”. His prediction at the time was that mobile advertising revenue would surpass the revenue seen from “traditional” ads. Several months after Schmidt made these predictions, I first installed the incredible WPtouch theme […]

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Palm defends tracking Pre user locations

Would you like it if you knew the manufacturer of your phone was tracking your location every day to give you a “great user experience”? I personally wouldn’t buy a phone that does this, but this is exactly what Palm’s Pre is designed to do. Faced with complaints about this feature, the best explanation Palm […]

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IPv6: downsides of a larger address space

With the increasing uptake of the new IPv6 internet protocol, people are starting to notice some of the downsides of the larger amount of IP addresses that will become available. An excellent example are the MTU issues Geoff Huston wrote about earlier this year, and as IPv6 adoption increases more problems are likely to appear. […]

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Belgian government releases source code for election software

The Belgian government has just released the source code for the software used in the 2008 elections to the public. The news was first reported by the Open Source Observatory & Repository Europe; the files are presented in two zipfiles that contain mostly C and C++ source code.

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Should Twitter manage their own hosting?

As several news articles made clear yesterday, Twitter depends on NTT for hosting its website. They have only been with NTT for about a year now; the move there was announced in february of last year. While the move was part of their efforts to make their service more reliable, yesterday’s maintenance issue shows that […]

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iPhone 3GS security improvements

One of the announcements Apple made during this week’s WWDC conference was that the iPhone 3GS will include an extra security feature aimed mostly at enterprise deployments: “encryption” that will enable a remote wipe feature. The only thing missing are details about what will be encrypted; this text is the only information I’ve managed to […]

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Are adult sites safe? How misquoting can change a story

This week, I saw reports on a couple of fairly large news sites and blogs about a study that supposedly shows porn sites contain far less malware than “normal” websites. While this makes for nice headlines, I was interested in this study and spent some time looking for the actual data used to reach this […]

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Some suggestions for newspapers

Just about every newspaper is currently looking for a new revenue model to make money online. Most suggestions are pretty black-and-white; either work with a subscription model or make the content available for free and make money by advertising. Unfortunately, the issue is not that simple: Users are not accustomed to paying for subscriptions for […]

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Three signs Twitter has become mainstream

Apart from the media attention that it’s been getting for the last year or two, there are some other telltale signs that Twitter is here to stay. The most important one is, of course, that hackers find it an interesting target. The worms that were released so far were merely a test; I have no […]

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