About me

To understand the contents of this site, it is useful to know a bit about the author.

I’m currently employed as a systems administrator at an ISP in the Netherlands, and have been involved with network design and server setups for over five years. During those years, I’ve learned a lot about securing both individual systems and entire networks; and of course I’m still learning more every day.

I created this blog to share some of that experience with others. In addition to that, you’ll find comments about various news items and other things I might find interesting.

About my webhost

If you are in the Netherlands, I highly recommend Interstroom for webhosting. They are not the cheapest option, but they offer fast servers and excellent support.

If you’re outside the Netherlands or looking for a cheap webhost in general I recommend Dreamhost. Their packages currently include unlimited diskspace and traffic, hosting multiple sites under your account, and full SSH access. Use any of the dreamhost promo codes below when registering for nice extra’s or a one-time discount:

  • SATN: $97 discount on your hosting package; when paying for a full year in advance that means your first year of hosting will only cost $23!
  • SECNETPLUS: your own public IP address and an extra domain registration

Dreamhost doesn’t offer any decent webstats with their hosting, but you might want to check out Clicky. Their basic service is free and gives you real-time stats about your visitors.