Ever since I started using an iPhone, entering passwords has been a major annoyance. Since the built-in browser has no option for remembering passwords, I have to re-enter every single password for every website I use way too often.

pwd_iphone_largeThis makes me wonder whether or not this influences the choices people make when selecting new passwords. I’ve always used random password generators; the only concession I usually make when selecting a random password is a quick check whether it’s easy to type. But if I want a password that’s easy to type on an iPhone, I end up using only lowercase letters; that just isn’t a step I’m willing to make.

The obvious solution would be a decent password manager on the phone; but that would still leave some security and usability questions. To make this easy to use, I’d prefer having a master password that needs to be entered periodically; but that is an obvious security risk if your phone is stolen.

So here are some questions for you:

  • Do you select passwords that are easier to enter on the iPhone?
  • Do you use a password manager?
  • How would you like Apple to handle storing passwords in the next OS version?