I’ve been using FeedBurner for a while now, and apart from some strange numbers every now and then I’ve never had a problem with it. That all changed when I logged in last week and was asked to move my feeds to Google; since then, I’ve noticed some strange things; one of them being that API access stopped working…


The graph above is from my Clicky account; it seems very strange to me that Google is able to redirect me correctly when I log on to feedburner.com, but fails to handle API calls to the old location. Beside that, I noticed two other changes: first, there used to be a “live hits” link in this menu:


And, last but not least, Google appears to be a bit confused about its own numbers. Their webmaster tools report that there are 33 people reading my feeds via Google Reader:


So how on earth did they come up with this number?


It’s not like that number is not reported to them; it’s avaliable in the User-agent field, and I’m pretty sure that my stats reported this correctly before they were moved to feedburner.google.com.¬†



Has anybody else noticed any of these issues? I hope Google fixes them before they move all accounts (planned for the end of this month)!