A report by Nielsen Mobile shows that Democrats are generally more likely to be using all kinds of “modern” communication tools such as SMS and instant messaging:

ReadWriteWeb provides a very good analysis of this data, but the best example so far that I’ve seen is the iPhone app that is used for Obama campaigners. Mashable has a short review of the app; all in all it sounds like a pretty solid first attempt. The main question will be how the McCain campaign will respond: if they hope to reach some of the swing voters, they will need to do a lot better online than they do now.

To give you a simple example: have a look at the “why McCain” page. It’s great that the page is there, and I’m not able to find a comparable page on the Obama website. But seriously, is “print this page to share it” the best their team can come up with in a web 2.0 world?