Intercage (also know as Atrivo), the company that was alleged to be involved in several dubious activities, has been taken off the internet today when their last bandwidth provider, Pacific, took them offline. While there has been no actual proof that they were involved in illegal operations, I still think this is a good day for the internet. ISP’s have been blocking “bad” parts of the internet from their networks for decades, but never before has this happend for the entire internet.

Previously most ISP’s created their own block lists, or used more generic lists such as the bogon list┬áto block IP ranges that shouldn’t appear on the internet, or the DROP list that contains IP ranges that are known to be abused by spammers. What happened this time is that they contacted their fellow ISP’s and notified them of bad activity on their network; if this happens more the internet will be a better place soon, because criminals will find it increasingly hard to get their servers connected.