There is a lot of talk about Amazon getting into the Content Delivery business this week, but there is very little information available yet. The most important parts of the announcement can be found here:

Today we are announcing that we are expanding the cloud by adding a new service that will give developers and businesses the ability to serve data to their customers world-wide, using low-latency and high data transfer rates. Using a global network of edge locations this new service can deliver popular data stored in Amazon S3 to customers around the globe through local access.

While this may sound like a big deal, I don’t think too much of it yet. The service is primarily aimed at delivering larger files; the main advantage for potential users is that files will be automatically served from the Amazon data center closest to the client. The main locations are Asia, Europe and the US. Some users are already doing this without Amazon’s help: you can serve files directly from S3 storage pools, and you can choose where each file is located. The only thing Amazon is adding is a layer that automatically distributes your file to different storage locations and redirects users to the closest one.

This is not what I’d call a “content delivery network”; these typically include many other services, the most important one being large-scale video streams. So Akamai et al don’t need to worry about Amazon just yet. If you are interested in the services they are going to offer you can sign up here to receive a notification when this option becomes available.