Ryan Naraine provides some details about the way Adobe plans to fix the clipboard hijacking that is plaguing many users; the windowsxp-privacy.net example is still circulating weeks after it first appeard (for those of you that missed this: it keeps overwriting the contents of your clipboard with a link to http://windowsxp-privacy.net/?id=198760099)

The change boils down to this:

In Flash Player 9, ActionScript could set data on the system Clipboard at any time. With Flash Player 10 beta, the System.setClipboard() method may be successfully called only through ActionScript that originates from user interaction. This includes actions such as clicking the mouse or using the keyboard. This user interaction requirement also applies to the new ActionScript 3.0 Clipboard.generalClipboard.setData() and Clipboard.generalClipboard.setDataHandler() methods.