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Entries for September, 2008

Webkit engine the first to pass all ACID3 tests

Earlier this year both Opera and Webkit announced that they achieved a 100% score on the Acid3-test; a test designed to test standards compliance for webbrowsers. However, as you can see, just scoring 100% on the individual tests is not enough for a full pass; to completely pass on this test the animation has to […]

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Google desperately defending the Yahoo deal

Google just launched a new webpage that provides more details about their deal with Yahoo, “why it is good for consumers, advertisers and publishers”. Is everything as good as they say it is?

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January 2, 2011: the day the internet is full

According to reports on /. and a Chinese publication, the IPv4 address space will be exhausted in 830 days. As you can see here, there are other calculations that show even more alarming numbers. A report that is updated daily can be found at; that shows November 2, 2011 as the day the last […]

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Blackberry encryption cracked?

According to the India Times, the Indian Department of Telecommunications has succeeded in decrypting messages sent to Blackberry devices: “Decompression is being tested in operator’s network with three successful testing on Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communication and BPL Mobile,” a source in DoT said. He, however, added that the solution reached upon would not be shared […]

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Updates about data center value

Katie from Equinix’s marketing firm sent me an e-mail today correcting my earlier post about what data centers are worth. In that post, I used a value of 6.0 million square feet of data center space for Equinix; I found that value in one of their fact sheets. This was a growth projection that didn’t […]

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Intercage taken offline

Intercage (also know as Atrivo), the company that was alleged to be involved in several dubious activities, has been taken off the internet today when their last bandwidth provider, Pacific, took them offline. While there has been no actual proof that they were involved in illegal operations, I still think this is a good day […]

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Chrome Javascript-engine dethroned

With the release of Chrome by Google, the race for he fastest Javascript engine was on. Just weeks later, the Webkit team has released a new version of their own Squirrelfish engine, Squirrelfish Extreme, which is way faster than it’s predecessor: Charles Ling adds a comparison to Chrome’s V8 engine as well: WebKit SquirrelFish Extreme: […]

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Adobe details planned changes to prevent clipboard hijacking

Ryan Naraine provides some details about the way Adobe plans to fix the clipboard hijacking that is plaguing many users; the example is still circulating weeks after it first appeard (for those of you that missed this: it keeps overwriting the contents of your clipboard with a link to The change boils down to this: In […]

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Amazon gets (a little bit) into the CDN business

There is a lot of talk about Amazon getting into the Content Delivery business this week, but there is very little information available yet. The most important parts of the announcement can be found here: Today we are announcing that we are expanding the cloud by adding a new service that will give developers and […]

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Firefox Mobile getting serious

Well, at least the development team is getting serious. Slashdot links to an Australian news site that says it’s coming in 2010, but provides no links to any details and says itself that this is not a fixed timetable: Mozilla has already stated that it is working on a mobile version of Firefox, but has […]

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