It seems that the Javascript-based malware that I mentioned last week has been spotted on Linux systems as well. Welcome to the future of cross-platform malware! 

Around the time I posted the original update, there were some funny posts in the Ubuntu forums about this. Read them yourself or enjoy this snippet: 

<question>: i can not copy and paste, when i try to paste i get
i put this in a browser and get a spam of antivirus 2009 is spanning your computer…….what is going on and how do i fix this?

<reply>: Gee, that is a problem in Windows. 
Since that crud does not get into Linux, two choices .. dump Windows or FIX it. (try SUPERAntiSpyware . free) Then take some time to immunize that POS operating system!

<original poster>: i do have a windoze machine, but the problem is on my ubuntu machine, could linux have a virus?