While checking the results of this year’s pwnie awards, I saw that the bug in Debian’s OpenSSL random number generator had won the “most epic failure” category (and the deserved to! This has caused us a LOT of work…). While reading more about this I noticed this incredibly cool Wireshark-patch.

With this patch, any SSL-encrypted communications from or to a host that uses a vulnerable key can be decyphered in realtime. I’ve never seen a better demonstration of how serious this bug actually is. A close second is this page

Q: How long does it take a crack a SSH user account using these keys?
A: This depends on the speed of the network and the configuration of the SSH server. It should be possible to try all 32,767 keys of both DSA-1024 and RSA-2048 within a couple hours, but be careful of anti-brute-force scripts on the target server.