If you happen to see it appear on the App Store, I’d highly recommend downloading this ASAP. NetShare from NullRiver Inc is a tool that will allow you to use the iPhone’s 3G connection on your laptop (aka a “tethering app”). 

It’s been pulled from the app store twice in the last days, so apparently Apple is not too happy about this app, but NullRiver says they didn’t violate the developer agreement. If you manage to download a copy, AppleInsider has a good step-by-step configuration guide

In the meantime, AppleInsider also reports that Microsoft is expressing its concern about Apple in it’s latest 10K filing:

“A competing vertically-integrated model, in which a single firm controls both the software and hardware elements of a product, has been successful with certain consumer products such as personal computers, mobile phones and digital music players,” Microsoft says in the filing.