Computerworld reports that the presentation from Apple’s security team at the Black Hat conference has been cancelled:

“Marketing got wind of it, and nobody at Apple is ever allowed to speak publicly about anything without marketing approval,” he said.

Which is too bad; the marketing team should take every opportunity they can to improve the company’s security image. Especially with that late, incomplete DNS patch we saw this week. 

In other news, a talk about flaws in Apple’s FileVault encryption was also pulled at the last moment. Chales Edge was contacted by the Washington Post:

Contacted via cell phone, Edge said he signed confidentiality agreements with Apple, which prevents him from speaking on the topic and from discussing the matter further.

Still on the schedule are Jesse D’Aguanno’s talk about rootkits for OS X, and Petko D. Petkov who announced he might provide some details about a 0-day attack against Quicktime. The full list of speakers is available here!